Learn more about Howl campaigns

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Brands on Howl offer both commission-based and flat fee campaigns. 

For commissions, brands on Howl offer both baseline rates and growth campaign rates. For specific brands, we also offer product-level commission rates.

A baseline rate is a brand's standard rate, which keeps your content monetized at all times. Growth campaign rates are often exclusive to Howl partners and are typically oriented around brands’ priority products, sales, and events. These campaigns have set run dates, specific promotable SKUs, or budgets that enable creators to earn at 100%+ rates for a limited time. Once the limited timeframe expires or growth budget has been hit, rates will reset to the baseline rate. 

We’re continuously learning and want your feedback on campaign rates. We encourage you to provide campaign feedback directly on the campaign card by recommending (thumbs up) or not recommending (thumbs down) the campaign. This sends direct and valuable feedback to the brand.

Flat fee campaigns are specific to certain brands. If you’re interested in partnering with a brand on a flat fee campaign or migrating an existing partnership into Howl, learn more here.