Learn more about Howl's Diverse Campaign Types

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and influencer collaborations, Howl offers a platform that caters to the diverse needs of content creators. Howl is known for providing both commission-based and flat fee campaigns, each with its unique set of benefits and opportunities for content creators. In this article, we'll delve into the various campaign options offered by Howl, shedding light on the intricacies of these collaborations and how they can benefit creators.



Howl is known for its commission-based campaigns, providing a flexible range of commission structures for creators. These commissions can take on several forms:

  • Baseline Rates: The baseline rate represents a brand's standard commission, ensuring that creators can monetize their content continually. This steady income stream provides creators with financial stability as they continue to create and promote brand products.

  • Growth Campaign Rates: The growth campaign rates are often exclusive to Howl partners and are tailored to brands' priority products, sales, and events. These campaigns come with specific run dates, featured SKUs, or budgets, allowing creators to earn commission rates exceeding 100% for a limited time. Once the campaign's time frame ends or the budget is exhausted, the rates reset to the baseline rate.

  • Product-Level Commission Rates: Some brands go a step further by offering product-level commission rates. This means that creators can earn commissions based on the profits generated from each product they promote. This approach ensures that creators are compensated fairly, and it incentivizes brands to offer competitive rates for specific products and categories.


Flat Fee Campaigns:

Howl's Flat Fee program is an excellent option for creators who prefer a guaranteed income stream while working with their favorite brands. Under this program, creators receive a fixed fee determined and shared by the brand in exchange for creating brand-specific content. This fee ensures a predictable income, in addition to any commissions earned from product sales.


Participating in Flat Fee campaigns is a straightforward process. Creators receive email notifications about available campaigns, and they can nominate themselves or fellow creators for participation. Howl manages the nomination process, considering factors such as content fit and reach when selecting creators for Flat Fee campaigns. Creators can access campaign details, including flat fee amounts, content guidelines, and payment information, via the Campaign Center on Howl.


Payments for Flat Fee campaigns are processed within 3-5 business days after content approval, following net-90 payment terms. Creators can track their payment statuses through the Earnings section on the platform.


CPC Campaigns:

In addition to commissions and flat fees, Howl offers creators the opportunity to participate in Cost per Click (CPC) campaigns. In CPC campaigns, creators earn when someone clicks on their Howl links, as opposed to earning a commission on purchases. This innovative approach allows creators to explore new product categories without the pressure of generating sales.


To maintain a fair and authentic CPC environment, Howl has established specific rules and guidelines. These include refraining from artificial clicks, offering incentives for clicks, or using paid advertising to generate clicks. Violating these rules can result in reversed earnings or other penalties, so creators are encouraged to promote products genuinely. You can find the detailed guidelines here.


Howl's diverse range of campaign options, including commissions, flat fees, and CPC campaigns, provides creators with numerous ways to collaborate with brands and generate income. These flexible options allow creators to align their collaborations with their preferences and goals, creating a dynamic and supportive ecosystem for content creators and brands alike. If you're a content creator looking for opportunities to monetize your passion, Howl's campaign offerings have something for everyone. Explore the possibilities and discover your next creative endeavor on the Howl platform.