Creating and sharing links on Howl: A step-by-step guide

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Howl allows you to create and share links to your favorite products, earning you commission for every purchase made through your links. You can create links on Howl using the bulk link creator, Howl Chrome extension, or the Howl mobile app. 

When you create a new link on Howl, it will directly connect your audience to the exact retailer or brand you've entered in the link creation process, giving your followers a seamless shopping experience.

You also have the ability to create a Dynamic Link - which allows Howl’s technology to optimize the destination of your link based on stock status and the highest commission rate for the respective product. This means you don’t have to worry about updating links when a commission drops or sending your followers to an out-of-stock product page. To generate a Dynamic Link, toggle the switch to on when creating your link.


Best Practices for Link Creation on Howl:

1. Download the Howl mobile app. The Howl mobile app is the easiest way to create links on the go by "sharing" from your browser directly into the app. 

2. Download the Howl Chrome extension. The Howl Chrome extension allows you to create links as you browse your favorite brand and retailers' sites. 

3. Watch this 1 minute step-by-step video. Our resident creator expert, @buymechanel, will guide you through creating a link! 

4. Sign up for a Howl 101 webinar. Learn how to create Howl links that grow your earnings. 


What are Posts?

Posts are a way for you to organize your links and keep track of what’s driving your sales.. Some creators organize their posts by video (“My Morning Routine”), event (“Sephora Sale ‘23”) or channel (“June Insta Stories”). Posts are not required in order to create links, but they are a useful way to organize and track the effectiveness of your product recommendations.


What is a monetizable link?

When a Howl link is monetizable, you will earn commissions from any purchases made through this link. A Howl link is monetizable when the brand or retailer is a Howl partner (also known as partner in-network) and the specific linked product is part of a Howl partners' campaign. When you create links, we will notify you if a link is monetizable or we'll suggest other product links you can use instead.


How to Create Links

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create and share links on Howl:

Creating links on (bulk link upload):

See demo here.

  1. Log in to your dashboard on
  2. Click Create Links under the Links tab in the nav bar.
  3. Paste up to 20 product URLs you want to convert to Howl links (one URL per line). This is a good time to click them to make sure they’re right.
  4. Organize them with a Post. Create a new post or select an existing post to add your links to, or choose to skip this step.
  5. You're done! You can now copy and share your links on your social channels.

Creating links on our Chrome Extension:

See demo here.

  1. Download the Howl Chrome extension & log in to your Howl account.
  2. Navigate to the product you're creating a link for.
  3. Click the Chrome Extension to create a link.. If the link isn’t Monetizable, Howl will suggest a product you can earn from.
  4. Create a new post or select an existing post to add your links to.
  5. You're done! You can now copy and share your link on your social channels.

Creating links on our mobile app: 

You can copy/paste URLs into the Howl app just like you can on our website. You can also “share” from your browser to create a link from a website:

  1. While on any web page on your mobile web browser, click on the share icon on the bottom nav bar.
  2. Click on the Howl app icon.
  3. The Howl app will open automatically, showing the newly created link.
  4. Pick your desired social platform and share with your audience.