Setting up your payments account

  • Last update: Updated

We currently work with Stripe to send you payments. To set up billing, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to and navigate to your Howl dashboard. On the upper right menu, click on your username and navigate to “Account Settings” and head to “Payment Settings.” Click on the button that says “Connect with Stripe.” 
  • Complete the Stripe onboarding process. You will be taken through a few screens that will ask you for information about yourself and your business. 
  • Your Stripe account is now connected and ready to receive payments from Howl. If you have any additional questions about your Stripe account, setup, or troubleshooting please contact Stripe.

We only support monetization through US-based sites. Here's what that means: If you link to a brand that has domains outside of the US, these links will not earn any commissions.

We support payments via Stripe to creators that are based in the United States, Canada, UK, and Singapore.