Our Howl mobile app

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The Howl mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for your mobile device. The Howl app makes creating links just as easy and fast as the Howl dashboard on desktop. You can download the app here or scan the QR code below. 


Through the Howl mobile app, you can view existing links, create new links, access orders, view payments, and access an analytics overview. To access other features—such as brands and campaigns or Storefronts—head to your Howl dashboard on desktop at planethowl.com.

To view your links:

  • Click on Links in the bottom nav bar to access your existing links. You can search for a specific product link or scroll down to see all of your links. You can then easily copy and paste links to share on your social platform.

To create new links:

  • You can use the Howl mobile app to create links just as easily and quickly as on desktop. Check out our How to create and share links article for more instructions and follow the same process in the app.

To view your orders:

  • Click on Orders to see an overview of your orders. You can sort your orders by brand and order date. Each order summary card will display the brand, the total sale amount, how much you’ve earned, and what product was purchased by your followers.

To view your payments:

  • Click on Payments on the bottom nav bar to view a summary of your earnings and payouts. The earnings summary includes Total Amount Earned (Lifetime), Total Amount Paid, and Outstanding Payments. You also have the option of looking at detailed earnings per month. The payouts summary includes Total Amount Paid (Lifetime)and the Next Expected Payouts, with the option of looking at detailed payouts.

To view your analytics:

  • Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen to access your Analytics Overview, a summarized analytics dashboard. You can view your earnings per month, per day, and your lifetime total. You can also compare earnings month over month and review clicks, average EPC (Earnings Per Click), and total commission earnings. For detailed analytics, head to your Howl dashboard on desktop at planethowl.com.