Discover new brands & campaigns to work with

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Welcome Welcome to Howl! We’re over the moon that you’ve joined our new home planet for creators who crave collaborative tools to help them grow. In this section you’ll learn how to discover new brands and campaigns in Howl. Howl makes it easier to discover new brands and products through your curated dashboard and the Campaign Center. 

Your Howl dashboard visually highlights trending campaigns based on your affinities. Click into a campaign to see campaign run dates, commission rates, included products, and more. You can find all Brands & Campaigns on Howl by visiting your Campaign Center through the Discover tab in the navigation bar. 

The front page of your Campaign Center will feature suggested brands for you to begin exploring. You can also search for a specific partner, sort brands based on their rates, or view your full list of brands. Click the "save" button on brand cards, and those brands will appear in the "Your Favorite Brands" section from then on.

Click into any brand’s profile to browse all their active campaigns and the products they carry. You can also make links directly from the product cards on a brand’s profile, and add campaigns to your Howl calendar. 

If you're interested in specific types of Campaigns like Sales, Launches, or Gifting, you'll find dedicated filters under the Discover tab itself. On the Brands & Campaigns page, you can search for a specific campaign, sort campaigns by commission rate, start date or end date, and filter for sales, product launches, flat fee, and gifting campaigns. By clicking into a campaign card, you can view important campaign details such as: run date, embargo date (if applicable), commission rate, attribution window, SKU list, and product details. You can add campaigns to your Howl calendar to keep track of them and even provide feedback directly to the brand by recommending (thumbs up) or not recommending (thumbs down) a campaign. This sends direct and valuable feedback to the brand.