Detailed Analytics & Simplified Data Transparency

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At Howl, we provide Creators with unmatched data transparency to understand their link performance. This feature is a massive value proposition you won't find elsewhere.




Here's what you can do:

  • Overview and Detailed Analytics: Under the Analytics tab on the navigation bar, Howl offers both an overview and detailed analytics to measure your link performance. The Overview page offers a monthly summary that can be further filtered for different time frames & see commission and flat fee earnings breakdowns

  • Key Metrics: We measure performance using various metrics, including Earnings, Revenue, Clicks, and EPC (Earnings Per Click), along with barometer stats to gauge your trends.

  • Deep Dive: A more in-depth analysis of these metrics can be done at Brand, Campaign, Post, Link, and Product levels. Compare data from different timeframes and even download it to a spreadsheet.

  • Storefronts Analytics: Get insights specifically related to your Storefronts collections, including Earnings, Revenue, Clicks, Conversion Rates, and AOV (Average Order Value).


This level of data transparency is a game-changer for Creators, setting Howl apart from other platforms. It helps you make informed decisions and optimize your performance.