Product-level commission rates

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Some brands on Howl pay a product-level commission rate based on the profits they earn from each product. That means that some products may have a very high rate, while others might be lower. We offer this feature because we found that, without it, brands will default to the lowest rate across the board so they can ensure they aren't losing money. Historically, that has meant that creators earn less than they could. Now with product-level commissioning, we've unlocked better rates on certain products and categories. 


While this helps you earn more, it might make your orders page seem a little confusing. Because products are paid out at a variable commission, you’ll see fluctuating rates in different orders—especially if the cart contains multiple products.


But don’t worry: Each brand's campaigns offer rate transparency so you can see how much each product pays. In addition to that, by using Howl’s dynamic links you can maximize your earnings by automatically identifying the best earning opportunity available to you. Our tech automatically finds the best earning opportunity for each product.


This is all part of Howl's mission to help brands and creators collaborate transparently, so creators like you can earn more!