Howl Flat Fee program

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With Howl Flat Fees, you can work closely with the brands you admire and love to create authentic content and earn a guaranteed income stream.


As a creator, working with brands through flat fee-based collaborations can be a great option. With Flat Fees, you receive a fixed fee (pre-determined and shared by the brand) in exchange for creating brand-specific content. Brands are looking for your authentic voice and sharing your message with the communities you've built, which in return helps them achieve their marketing goals. This approach can help de-risk your income, as you're guaranteed a set payment in addition to any commissions earned from products sold.


How do Flat Fee campaigns work?

Currently, our Flat Fee program is by application only. Every month, we’ll be sending an email to all eligible creators with information on our available Flat Fee campaigns. If interested, you can nominate yourself and/or a Creator friend to participate in the program. If you are new to Howl and are interested in Flat Fees but haven’t received an email, please contact us at


Howl manages the nomination process with brands, who select creators based on a few parameters, such as brand fit (e.g. content type, style) and reach. Once you’re approved to participate in a Flat Fee campaign, you can navigate to the Campaign Center and filter campaigns using the Flat Fee filter to view the campaigns you’re currently a part of.


You can select each individual campaign to view campaign details – such as run rates, flat fee amount, content guidelines, commission rates (if applicable), brand approval process details, and attribution details (if applicable).


When will I get paid?

After you create your content, you’ll be able to submit it for approval via the content submission URL form in the Campaign Center. Once approved (in 3-5 business days), Howl will process your payment (on net-90 payment terms). Head to Earnings to see the status of your payments at any time. 

Any questions or feedback? We’re continuing to grow and improve our Flat Fee programs and are always eager to hear from you – please email us at