Creating Your Links

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Ready to share your must-have products or favorite sales? Create your link(s) using the steps below.

PRO TIP: Scroll to the bottom for a 1-minute video tutorial.

  1. Log into the Howl dashboard via:

    • Desktop/mobile browser (open here)

    • Howl Creator App (open here)

    • Chrome Extension (open here)
  1. In your dashboard, navigate to ‘Create Links’ under ‘My Products’. On Step 1, you can paste up to 40 URLs from any brands on Howl’s platform. Some suggestions:
    • Your dashboard will always default to ‘locked’ linking, meaning your link will directly connect your audience to the exact retailer or brand you've entered in the link creation process.
      • Example: If you’ve opted into a performance bonus for a specific retailer (eg. Target), make sure to leave this setting alone so your links direct exclusively to that brand.

    • If you’d prefer to create a ‘dynamic’ link, you can toggle on the “Dynamic Link” option. This setting allows you to maximize your earnings by automatically redirecting you to the retailer with the highest commission rate and in-stock product.

  1. On Step 2, you’ll be able to double check that your links are loading properly. Here’s what to look for:
    • Links that are monetizable will show a checkmark icon.
    • Links that are broken or non-monetizable will show an exclamation point icon.

  1. On Step 3, you’ll have the option to add your freshly created links to a new or existing Post. ‘Posts’ are how your links are organized and allow you to see what content is driving engagement. You can select from the following options:

    • Use the ‘Search for a Post’ field to add to an existing post.
    • Use the ‘+ Create a Post’ button to create a new post.
    • Posts are not required in order to create links, but they are a useful way to organize and track the effectiveness of your product recommendations.

  1. On Step 4, you’ll find your original product links converted into your monetizable Howl links. Copy those links, and start sharing with your audience!


👋 Need more help? Watch this 1 minute step-by-step video from our resident creator expert, @buymechanel.

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