Posting Your Links

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Ready to post your Howl links? Here are some tried & true ways to maximize

your earning potential and engage with your audience.

  1. Instagram:
    • After posting content on your feed, consider linking your favorite products in your Stories and saving to your Highlights. In the future, you can direct your audience to those Highlights for any questions around a particular brand or product (eg. “Want my full review of Supergoop? Check my ‘Supergoop’ Highlight for all my faves.”)
      • Example: Obsessed with Sephora? Create a ‘Sephora’ Highlight, where you can save all of your top product recommendations - past and present.

      • Example: Prefer to group your recommendations by week or month? Create an ‘AUGUST 🔗’ Highlight, where you can save all of your August recommendations.



    • Want to include links in your feed posts? Ask your followers to comment a keyword such as “LINK” on your posts, so you can share links directly to your feed.
  1. YouTube:
    • In your YouTube descriptions, consider highlighting top products featured in your content in the Comments section for higher visibility and clicks. Here’s an example:


    • Experiment with different content formats! YouTube Shorts (ie. 60-second, ‘snackable’ reviews) are a great way to review 1-3 products you’re currently loving.
  1. Link in Bio:
    • Consider adding a link-tree in your bio with your favorite beauty/skincare links and/or links to your best looks/posts. Here’s an example:



  1. TikTok:
    • While linking real estate is more limited on TikTok, consider adding a product link to your caption and/or bio.