Howl Select

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What is Howl Select?

Howl Select spotlights Brands who are leading the industry in offering creator-friendly partnership terms. Whenever you see the Howl Select badge , you’ll know you’re getting elevated earning potential, starting with no deductions for returns! And as always, the rate you see on Howl is the rate you keep.

At the heart of this program lies our commitment to nurturing partnerships built on trust, value, and mutual benefit. Creators should feel inspired and excited to collaborate with Howl Select Brands, and Brands should recognize the immense added value they can bring to the table. The introduction of Howl Select signifies an exclusive opportunity that can only be accessed on Howl, reinforcing the unique advantages of being part of our vibrant community.

What is the benefit of working with a Howl Select Brand?

We’re launching the program with Brands who do not deduct for returns. This gives you the opportunity to earn more for the same work & effort.

Do I need to apply to work with Howl Select Brands?

No, there is no special application required to be part of the Howl Select program. Look for the Howl Select badge against Brands & their campaigns to easily identify the eligible ones and get started.