CPC Campaign Rules & Guidelines

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What is CPC?

Some brands participate in the Cost per Click (CPC) program on Howl to allow Creators to safely explore new categories, eliminating the risk of low conversion rates. In a CPC campaign, you earn when someone clicks your Howl link, not when they make a purchase, as opposed to the CPA campaign, where you earn a commission on purchases.


For participants in CPC campaigns, the following actions are not allowed on Howl:

  • Clicking on CPC links to boost earnings.
  • Offering money or giveaways in exchange for clicks on CPC links.
  • Sharing CPC links with minimal context about the product.
  • Encouraging clicks on CPC links without genuine interest in purchasing.
  • Generating direct clicks on CPC links through paid advertising or other channels (e.g., Facebook Ads, Taboola).

Violating these CPC rules may result in reversed earnings, strikes on your account, or removal from the program for repeat offenders.

Participation in the campaign implies your agreement to these CPC campaign rules.