Understanding Your Howl Orders: A Comprehensive Guide to Data and Earnings

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One of the main reasons why Creators love Howl is the ability to have real-time access to essential data. This data empowers Creators to understand the effectiveness of their recommendations and earnings.


The Orders page gives you a summary of all orders placed by your audience – both the product you promoted at Howl as well as any other products they bought within that same purchase. You are able to sort orders by date and search for specific brands. Specifically, every order will show the following information:

  • Total revenue per order
  • Earnings per order (total revenue from commissions)
  • Commission rate applied to this particular order
  • Products included in the order (both commissionable and non-commissionable)
  • Product you promoted that drove the click and this purchase
  • Date and time of click
  • Date and time of purchase
  • Device used to purchase: mobile, desktop or tablet

A Howl order will appear on the Orders page once attributed.  The attribution window is the time period after a click that you will earn on a purchase. A typical merchant attribution window at Howl is 30-days post click. This means that if a follower makes a purchase up to 30 days after they click your link, regardless of if you were the last click before checkout,  you will receive commissions on that check out.  The post click model and longer attribution windows, allow you to earn on one–or multiple–purchases over an extended period of time.  

If you have any questions related to your orders (e.g. commission rate questions, missing orders, etc.), please contact us here.